1&1: After Drillisch take over less offers in the Vodafone net

1&1 erhöht Surfgeschwindigkeit1&1 Drill Pickup – The takeover of Drillisch could bring some changes for mobile communications customers. Apparently, 1 & 1 after the merger is mainly focused on tariffs in the o2 network and fewer offers in the network of Vodafone switch.

1&1 and Drillisch

At the end of last week it was announced that 1 & 1 Drillisch to take over by the end of the year for approximately 2.2 billion euros. While for existing customers nothing will change for the time being, the merger could have a long-term impact on the range of products offered by 1&1.

As reported by inside-handy.de, United Internet CEO Ralph Dommermuth stated in a telephone conference that the company wants to focus more on the brand o2 after the takeover. Offerings in the network of the Munich operator are then offered not only over the Drillisch brands, but also more often over 1 & 1, WEB.DE and GMX

1&1: Vodafone rates are reduced

Tariffs in the Vodafone network will then “only play a subordinate role,” it says. The manager criticizes that Vodafone 1 & 1, WEB.DE and GMX customers still have no access to the in-house LTE network. United Internet had therefore already taken measures before acquiring the takeover plans in order to put the o2 tariffs in the focus and these preselected in the onlineshop among other things. Customers who still want to use Vodafone must manually select the network.

Even steadily declining prices could be a thing of the past with 1&1 and Co. in the future. The company is already operating in the lower price regions, so no further major price reductions are expected, according to the manager. Also, because United Internet had to offset the take-over sum of 2.2 billion euros.



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