Freemobile24: o2 Free S Rate for mtl. Only 12,99 €

o2 Free S at freemobile24 – The mobile phone shop freemobile24 offers the popular o2 Free S rate currently at very favorable terms. The effective monthly package price is only 12,99 EUR.

o2 Free S contract with discount

In the online store of freemobile24 o2 Free S tariff is too favorable terms available. The o2 Free S tariff has a Allnet- and SMS-Flat, landline number and 1 GB of data. If the high-speed volume depleted customers can surf / s in the Internet, with 1 Mbit. Already, customers can use the 1 GB of data in other EU countries.

Instead of 24,99 EUR, the effective monthly price is only 12.99 euros while the 24-month minimum term. This is made possible action off the provider’s monthly ten euros, only 14,99 Euro will be charged. In addition, the customer gets booked a discount of two euros (48 euros) on his mobilcom-debitel account for 24 months. Therefore, the effective base price is only 12,99 Euro per month.

o2 Free S without connection fee

From the 25th month of the contract, the base price increased to the regular price of 24.99 euros per month, if the customer does not cancel the contract. At closing, no connection fee is calculated.

The discount campaign is noisy freemobile24 until 15 May. 2017. The discount will save customers about the minimum contract period 288 EUR (24 x 12 euros) compared with the official o2 offer. For the SIM card, a one-time payment of one euro falls when ordering.




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