IPhone 8: Bosch Germany is to supply the sensors

iPhone 8 image OnLeaks on TwitteriPhone 8 sensors from Bosch – well known components for Apple iPhones usually in China are manufactured among others by Foxconn. According to media reports, certain components for the Apple iPhone might anniversary model 8 come from Germany by Bosch. It is to concern certain motion sensors for the iPhone. 8

iPhone 8: Components of Bosch Germany

According to a report by Bloomberg Bosch will produce, based in Gerlinden a large part of the motion sensors for the Apple iPhone. 8 Allegedly, about 50 percent of the sensors are therefore come from Germany.

A collaboration between Apple and Bosch existed for some time, but will be further expanded. According to media reports Tim Cook wants to reduce dependence on trade relations and increase the choice of suppliers.

Bosch cooperation will be expanded

So far, most sensors from InvenSense from California were delivered. According to Bloomberg, Robert Bosch GmbH could be the main supplier of motion sensors for future iPhones with 50 percent. Currently, Bosch supplies for Apple, the sensor of Barameter function.

TDK Corporation had bought only last year InvenSense for about 1.3 billion US dollars and of course speculated that Apple continues to expand already existing business relationships. After all, 60 percent of sales to have come alone by partnering with Apple about. That will probably change by the new deal with Bosch. So far, neither Apple nor Bosch have commented on an expanded partnership. Apple continued to optimize its supply chain to promote diversification, but is a smart move, as this dependence is reduced to other companies.



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