IPhone 8 could start with 5.85 inch OLED display without side edges

iPhone 8 Display ohne Ränder Bild 9to5MacIPhone 8 with 5.85 inch display – That Apple differs from the LCD screen on the iPhone 8 on an OLED display is now relatively safe. Earlier rumors that the smartphone display almost completely fills the front front does not seem to confirm. There should be no lateral edges.

IPhone 8 with 5.85 inch OLED display

According to a report by Digitimes, the extra special wishes for the iPhone 8 on the part of Apple the suppliers are facing great problems. Supposedly, Apple’s extra wishes could cause a much later market start.

According to rumors, a special display that is similar to the Samsung Galaxy S8 or Xiaomi Mi Mix with almost no upper and lower edge. According to the website 9to5Mac and a report by the analyst J.P.Morgan, the diagonal of the screen should be 5.85 inches.


Only on the side without display edge

In contrast to the Galaxy S8 or LG G6, according to the analyst, up and down but a margin will remain. A corresponding illustration shows however the possibility sideways almost without screen margin to get along. Earlier reports were based on a display that occupies virtually the entire front.

Unfortunately, the report of J.P.Morgan does not address the placement of the Touch ID. It remains open, therefore, whether the fingerprint sensor is integrated under the display or, for example, on the back of the housing. The analyst also assumes that the iPhone is delivered together with Apple AirPods. Whether the statements are true, we will be informed at the earliest in September, assuming Apple manages it despite supposed delivery problems for the display this date. Cover image 9to5Mac





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