Mobile phones contributed a total of 918 million gigabytes in 2016

© ExQuisine - Fotolia.com918 million gigabytes – As the Federal Network Agency stated in its annual report, the gigabyte numbers transmitted by German users in 2016 via the mobile and fixed-line network again increased rapidly. Compared to the previous year, the mobile telephony sector was a whopping 60 percent.

Data saturation increases again

The data rate of German mobile and fixed-line customers rose again significantly in 2016. Compared to the previous year, the amount of data transferred has increased by up to 60 percent. The highest increase was in the mobile network.

“The development of competition, the expansion of infrastructures and the protection of consumers are characterized by progressive digitalization,” explains Jochen Homann, President of the Federal Network Agency. “Digitization is changing the regulated markets. The Federal Network Agency deals with these changes and develops regulation further in order to take advantage of the opportunities offered by digitalisation. ”

918 million gigabytes in the mobile network

In the mobile phone network, German users last year transferred a total of 918 million gigabytes of data. Compared to the previous year, an increase of 60 percent, in 2015, only 575 million gigabytes went over the aether. The increase was 32 percent in the fixed network, with the Gigabyte number in 2016 totaling 22.5 billion.

The SMS was still on its way home last year. The Germans sent only 12.7 billion short messages in 2016. In the previous year the number was 16.6 billion SMS. The downtrend has continued since 2012, with the short news reaching its peak with just under 60 billion. The conversation minutes, which were consumed in the mobile network, remained unchanged, the number 2015 and 2016 being just under 115 billion minutes.

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