Vodafone DSL Router available for a one-time price

Vodafone DSL router for single price – Vodafone allows its customers now choose whether they want to buy their DSL router for single price or rent monthly. You can choose between different models that are available from 39,90 euros.

Vodafone DSL router for single price

Interested parties who book from now on a DSL tariff in the online store of Vodafone, have not necessarily hire a suitable router. The network operator can customers now choosing and offers the rental model also purchasing the desired device.

“Instead of the monthly advance payments router rental, customers pay then only once a fixed price,” said Vodafone. “The router goes immediately into the hands of customers and therefore has to be not sent back to the end of the contract period.” If a fault occurs within the first 24 months of the providers exchange the device as well as to the monthly rent.

Vodafone EasyBox ab 39,90 Euro

To select box, the three models EasyBox 804 FRITZ! Box 7430 and FRITZ! 7490 incl. Feature connection. The EasyBox 804 is partly in the tariffs charged included and can now be purchased as an alternative to one-time EUR 39.90. The two FRITZ! Box models cost either 2.99 euros and 4.99 euros per month and can be booked now for once 79.90 EUR and 139.90 euros.

The innovation is effective immediately and can be taken not only new customers but also existing customers to complete.




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