Simquadrat Smart L with improved included services

Simquadrat Smart L – The Smart L tariff offered by Simquadrat is now available with improved included services. The innovation affects both freemasons and megabytes as well as short messages.

Simquadrat Smart L

In the Simquadrat Onlineshop, the Smart L tariff is now available with improved conditions. The prepaid package costs 14.95 euros per month and has been appreciably revaluated. As of now, 250 freemasons are available in all German networks, 50 SMS have been added, which can also be sent to all German networks.

The mobile data file was increased from formerly 500 MB to a total of 1 GB per month. The maximum surfing speed is 21.1 Mbit / s and is throttled to a maximum of 64 Kbit / s at the GPRS level after reaching the volume limit.

Smart L at home and abroad

The freemasons and SMEs are valid for use within Germany as well as from EU countries including Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein. Anyone who meets the volume limit can book an additional volume of 500 MB within Germany. The booking costs 4.95 euros and is possible by SMS with the keyword “500” to the 5555.

Please note that Simquadrat will charge a monthly basic price of EUR 4.95, including the respective package prices for the booked options. For the revised Smart L package, customers therefore pay a total of 19.90 euros. Of the additional costs, only customers who still use a Simquadrat sim card without a monthly fee are spared.






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