Amazon Echo: With Alexa free phone calls and simsen

With Amazon Alexa telephone – Amazon drills the functional scope of the in-house echo loudspeakers and offers in the future a telephony and messaging service, with the Alexa users among themselves free telephone and simsen can.

Amazon Alexa and Echo

The telephony and messaging function is not only reserved for the recently introduced Amazon Echo Show, an echo loudspeaker with display and camera, but is also to be introduced gradually to the already available models Echo and Echo Dot.

Customers who use one of the devices in their four walls or the Echo App on their smartphone should be given the opportunity to make calls free of charge, send messages or leave a voice message.

About Amazon Echo

The echoes emit an acoustic signal and turn green when a call or message arrives. The phone call or the playback of the message is then started by voice command. Charges Amazon does not charge for the use of the telephony and messaging function. However, an active WLAN connection or, in the case of use via the app, a mobile data packet is required. When the new feature will be launched, this is still unclear.

With the Messaging & Call feature, Amazon competes with established services such as WhatsApp and the Facebook Messenger. It remains to be seen how successful the system will be.



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