O2 Network Fusion: “We have to clean up something”

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O2 Network Fusion – In an interview with the world, Telefónica CEO Markus Haas stated that the two networks O2 and E-Plus should be brought together on schedule. One had to “clean up only something”, until the end of the year the consolidation is to be largely completed.

O2 network merge according to plan

Since the end of 2014 Telefónica has been working on the merger of the two networks o2 and E-Plus. Former E-Plus customers have since been migrated to o2, duplicated antenna sites have been dismantled, technologies have been adopted and work on the construction of a network started.

In an interview with the world, Telefónica CEO Markus Haas, who recently took the position of Thorsten Dirks, explains that the network merger will be completed in a few months:

There has been no merger in this industry so far as ours. We are therefore fully in the plan and have to clean up only something. In particular, grid integration is complex because we have to modernize each of the 25,000 antenna sites technically and take around 14,000 surplus stations out of the network. But by the end of the year, we are also largely finished.

O2 Hotline hardly waiting times

Customers of the network operator see the situation to some extent less positive. In the past, the difficult to reach customer support of the brands o2 and Blau attracted attention. Responding to the problems – in a test before the interview, the editorial staff of the world was thrown out of the line after several hours of waiting time – Markushaas blows off:

I suspect you are referring to our DSL customer service. Here, we are indeed in a process, because we bring this customer service back from the outside back home. Here we just stop with more staff. We have already done this in mobile communications. We have different hotlines depending on the product. 80 percent of the mobile users who call our call centers wait for a period of time that is in the low single-digit minute range. We want to be on the stand with our DSL service until the middle of the year, which we now have in mobile communications.

The messages in our forum Mobile-Talk speak in part a different language. Many customers are still struggling with long waiting times at the hotlines of the mobile phone brands. The manager explains that the problems of the industry to offer a satisfactory service are linked to the complexity of the products: “The services are not always as easy as I would wish for as a customer. Since our industry still needs to catch up. We are working on such simple solutions. ”


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Data rate lower than promised

Unlike the competition, the CEO sees the data rates arriving at the O2 customers in the VDSL network as satisfactory. “We find a very high level of satisfaction among users of our fast VDSL accesses of up to 50 megabits per second and in some regions of up to 100 megabits per second. Eight out of ten new customers choose this product. The exchange rate is very manageable. ”

The VDSL technology, which is used at o2, gives an honest customer promise, it says. Significant deviations in the speed range were the main reason for alternative technologies to VDSL.

Mobile customers are satisfied

Responding to the mobile phone sector, where just five percent of the customers receive the guaranteed speed, it is succinct: “More than 80 percent were, however, satisfied with their speed.”

“We are investing continuously in the networks, however, and therefore we see no pressure to act through the network agency. Sanctions are more counter-productive. “The supervisory authority is currently working on a sanction catalog to help vendors deliver the promised speed.

Powerful and stable net

Markus Haas directly refers to his own network Position:

We have the largest and most powerful network in Germany. And it runs stable. We serve half of the consumers in this country, so we have a full-service task, which is to provide a very good customer experience. We have the most antennas and the most frequencies to build all the ingredients, on this basis the most beautiful net.
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