Mobilcom: Smart-Light tariff with 3 GB + 40 € Amazon voucher

Mobilcom-debitel Smart-Light tariff – The mobile operator mobilcom-debitel markets a Smart-Light tariff in the network of o2 and Vodafone. The tariff has included SMS, free units and 3 GB data volume.

Smart Light Rate + Amazon Voucher

Update from 10.05.2017, the Smart-Light tariff is offered even more favorable via the vitrado shop. Although the reduced monthly basic price of 8.99 euros remains unchanged, but customers receive an additional 40 € Amazon voucher. With the voucher, the effective basic fee is reduced to € 7.32 during the 24-month term.

Smart-Light tariff with 3 GB for 8.99 euro

At the beginning of the month, the price of the Smart-Light tariff in the o2 network was drastically reduced in the mobilcom-debitel online shop. The smartphone rate with 100 Freiminuten as well as 100 free SMS with 3 GB data volume to have. If the inclusive minutes are spent, each additional unit costs 29 cents and each SMS 19 cents.

The basic monthly fee is only 8.99 euros – with a tariff discount of 16 euros per month – over the complete 24-month minimum running time. The discount is credited directly to the invoice. If the tariff is not canceled, the basic price increases from the 25th month of the month to 24.99 euros.

Smart Light with LTE at no extra charge

The maximum bandwidth in the o2 network is 21 Mbps in the download and 11.2 Mbps in the upload. The LTE network can be booked free of charge in the promotion period. If the data volume – which can also be used for tethering – is used, the speed is limited to a maximum of 64 kbit/s in download and upload. The one-time connection fee of 39.99 euros will be refunded if the customer has paid the tariff until May 31st. 2017.

The smart light action rate is available at

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