Tablet, Laptop and Co. are forbidden on more and more flights

Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet HerstellerTablet and laptop in the aircraft – The carrying of electronic devices in the hand luggage, which are bigger than a smartphone, is already forbidden on some flights. Travelers should check before departure whether they fall under the prohibition to avoid long check-in at check-in. Extending the ban on European airports seems only a matter of time.

Tablet and laptop in airplane

Since March, travelers have to take sanctions on flights to the US and are no longer allowed to transport tablets, laptops, cameras and other electronics that are larger than a smartphone. The equipment must either be carried in regular luggage or be collected by the airlines before the start and placed in the luggage compartment.

To date, the ban has only been applied to travel from ten airports in the Middle East, including Istanbul, Cairo and Dubai, but could soon be extended to include European airports. According to the first information, the Air Safety Committee of the European Union (EU AVSEC) meets on 11 May 2017 to deal with the situation, to establish a possible start date of the ban and to draw up a list of affected equipment.

Tablet, laptop and co. When traveling to the USA

The prohibition comes into effect after a few days and applies to flights from European airports to the USA. It remains to be seen whether all airports will be affected or whether the regulation will only be restricted to the major hubs such as London Heathrow, Frankfurt am Main or Paris. It is to be assumed that all these airports will be covered by these flights, from which flights are offered to the USA.

Passengers planning a flight to the US in the near future should keep an eye on the coverage and, if necessary, deprive devices that are no longer permitted before the trip begins. In addition, it is advisable to plan a little more time for the trip. Every week, around 500 flights depart in the United States alone, with around 100,000 passengers traveling around the country. The additional controls, inadequate or uninformed passengers and the removal of unauthorized electrical devices with later storage in the luggage compartment should provide longer waiting times.
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