O2: Huawei Honor 6x with 30 Euro cashback

Huawei Honor 6x o2 – The Huawei Honor 6x is from May 12, 2017 available from O2 and can be purchased with or without a contract. Purchasers who leave a review after their purchase, Huawei donated a cashback of 30 euros.

Huawei Honor 6x bei o2

The Huawei Honor 6x is from 12 May 2017 Online Shop o2 ready and will participate in the “I love sharing” action. Buyers can secure a cash back of 30 euros on these. The smartphone can with both be purchased without a contract and, among other things, the o2 My Handy financing.

o2 charges a one-time purchase price of 241 euros for the Honor 6x 5.5-inch display. over 24 months away 10 euros per month payable on the o2 My Handy financing, the one-time purchase price is 1 Euro. Funding ends automatically after payment of the last installment and does not need to be terminated separately. Alternatively o2 to the smartphone also offers a Free o2 deal, along with the o2 Free M example, it is available from 22.49 euros per month.

Huawei Honor 6x with 30 Euro cashback

Interested parties who purchase the smartphone between 12 May and 26 May 2017 o2 and publish their views on the device in the o2 customer forum can secure a cash back of 30 euros. For this purpose the device, including proof of purchase and a photo of the dealers review to 9 June 2017 the Huawei website must be registered. Within eight weeks Huawei booked return the cash back to the bank account afterwards.




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