IPhone 8: A11 chipset production is started

iPhone 8 Display ohne Ränder Bild 9to5MacIPhone 8 A11 chip launched – The Apple anniversary iPhone 8 should be clearly different from previous iPhone models. Apparently the production runs, according to current media reports, surprisingly good, which is why a release of the iPhone 8 on time in October could be possible. In addition, Apple’s supplier for the new A11 chip has already started production.
IPhone 8: Production started from the A11 chip

A few weeks ago we were still reporting on delivery difficulties on the part of certain manufacturers for components for the iPhone 8. Problems should, among other things, cause the production of the OLED display, in which the Touch ID is likely to be integrated. A release was feared at the end of the year or early 2018.

According to Digitimes there will be no delayed release and the iPhone 8 will start in October. Originally the production of the new Apple A11-Proezssor should begin at the earliest in mid-June. A current report from Digitimes shows that problems with the chip production are fixed and the production can start immediately.
Release this autumn

Apple supplier TSMC manufactures the A11 chip and also Foxconn, Wistron and Pegatron are currently hiring new employees, so mass production runs smoothly. The new processor is smaller compared to the A10 chip and is manufactured in the 10nm process. It not only offers more power, but is also more energy-efficient. Exact comparisons to the A10 are not yet known.

How many chipsets have been produced is also not known. But because Apple has supposedly commissioned to produce about 70 million OLED displays for the new iPhone, probably the same amount of A11 chipsets will be necessary. The introduction of the new iPhone models is expected at the September Keynote. The sales start for the iPhone 8 (iPhone Edition) should start however only in October or November. Title: iPhone 8 display without edges 9to5Mac.

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