15 years o2 – From Homezone to WLAN Call

O2 15 years – The mobile phone brand o2 celebrates 15 years anniversary and offers customers and prospective customers attractive offers for 15 weeks. At the same time, the company looks back on the milestones of the past years.

O2 celebrates its 15th anniversary

Since 2002, German mobile customers have been able to book the o2 brand and access the various offers offered by the network operator. The 15th birthday of o2 is celebrated with a total of 15 action weeks, in which customers and prospective customers can look forward to attractive offers and offers.

“Like no other mobile brand O 2 stands  for the self-determination of the customer. Thanks to our premium brand, you can decide when, where and how they want to communicate or use  digital products  , ”  explains  Markus Haas, CEO of Telefónica Deutschland.  “ With disruptive products and  campaigns  , O 2  has been setting a strong accent in the market for 15 years. The idea of ​​freedom and self-determination also has a major impact on our vision of  OnLife Telco. In the coming years, we will continue to push them with the same emphasis as the  success of our O 2 brand . We can proudly say: Together we have achieved a lot and we still have great plans! ”

From Viag Interkom becomes o2

The brand o2 was introduced in 2002 and originated from the former Viag Interkom. At the start o2 with o2 Genion and the o2 Homezone provided for a revolution in the mobile phone market and offered for the first time a fixed network number including fixed network advantages over a portable radio connection. Since July 1, 2004 , o2 customers have been able to access UMTS, and the transmission system has been in operation four years after the acquisition of frequencies.

In 2006 the company entered the DSL business and initially offered transmission speeds of up to 16 Mbps. The following year, the o2 Genion S was introduced to the market, which was offered for the first time without a basic fee. In 2009 , the offer was extended by the o2o, which not only had no basic fee, but also had no fixed contract term and could be terminated monthly. Expensive costs were protected by an innovative cost airbag.

O2 My phone decouples smartphone and tariff

Together with the o2o, o2 introduced the o2 My mobile phone financing in 2009 and unblocked the smartphone and tariff for the first time. Customers could still choose an attractive smartphone and pay monthly, but paid no more than the device value was. The o2 My Handy Financing ends automatically and does not have to be terminated separately. Mobile phone options, which after a missed termination one year continue to run and cost, there has been since o2 no more.

In these years the advertising spots of the company attracted attention. Franz Beckenbauer was omnipresent with his o2 slogan “Da legst di nieda” on TV. From 2003 onwards, he and Anke Engelke were responsible for the mobile phone brand, later also Dieter Bohlen, Veronika Ferres and Reiner Calmund.

“Bye monster rates”

A lot of customers have stayed in the TV spot of 2010, with the slogan “bye monster tariffs” for the o2o and stylized tariffs to small monsters. Also known are the iconic air bubbles, which for years belong to the image of the network operator. After the underwater world was used as an advertising environment years ago, o2 took it back in 2016 and has been using it since then for the in-house presentation.

Since 2010, o2 has been using the Datenturbo LTE and implemented the in-house tariff portfolio in 2012 . With the o2 blue tariffs XS, S, M and L, data centered tariffs were launched for the first time, with customers paying for minutes and SMS, but only for their data volume. In the same year was renamed the previous DSL offer Alice in o2.

O2 on the way to OnLife Telco

In 2014 the company coined the slogan #YouCanDo and revolutionized the business customer market with o2 Unite. The merger with E-Plus followed in the autumn of the year, and the former KPN brand has since been successively integrated into the o2 infrastructure. Since 2015 , the slogan “Two is better than one” is the same: the same year, the o2 Message + Call App came out on the market.

In 2016 #YouCanDo’s claim “You can do. O2 “, which” underscores the freedom and self-determination of customers in the digital world “. With o2 banking, the network operator also launched a new banking option on the market.

O2 Free with 1 Mbit / s choke

With the o2 free tariffs, o2 again mixed the mobile market 2016 . The tariffs do not have a classic throttling and are also not by a data automatics aufgestockt. Instead, customers can continue to surf at moderate 1 Mbps, stream music and movies, or go on Pokémon hunting. In 2017,  o2 combined the free tariffs with Sky Ticket and has provided them free access to Sky’s streaming offer for up to six months.

O2 Free Option

For the future, o2 has the following plans:

As OnLife Telco, Telefónica Deutschland will continue to offer its customers a digital and self-determined life according to their wishes and habits. As a result, the core of O 2 ‘s brand  promise  remains valid: with attractive products and services  , the brand will continue to be the ideal companion for the customer in the  digital world.



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