1 & 1: United Internet takes over Drillisch

1und11 & 1 assumes Drillisch – The Montabaur based provider United Internet, which includes among other things 1 & 1 and WEB.DE, assumes the mobile phone offerer Drillisch. With the takeover the company wants to appear as a fourth strong offerer and the competitors o2, Telekom and Vodafone the forehead offer.
1 & 1 takes over Drillisch

United Internet, the parent company behind 1 & 1, WEB.DE, GMX and Strato, plans to take over the mobile phone provider Drillisch, which combines numerous discounters under its roof, such as winSIM, maXXim, yourfone and simply. Together with Drillisch’s know-how, United Internet wants to offer its rivals o2, Telekom and Vodafone Paroli as a fourth strong provider in the mobile market.

The aim is to combine the competencies of the two companies and to combine the successful 1 & 1 Internet business with Drillisch’s mobile telephony expertise. The synergies are expected to lead to great success in just a few years. For the year 2020 the two offerers plan an economic success of approximately 150 million euro, five years later the output is to be annually 250 million euro.
Drillically goes to 1 & 1

The merger will cost United Internet about 2.2 billion euros. Already, the company holds about 20 percent of Drillisch shares. The supervisory boards of the two companies have already agreed to the deal, it says, in dry cloths, however, the takeover is not yet.

Before a successful conclusion, the Federal Network Agency and the Federal Cartel Office have to agree. United Internet and Drillisch expect that the final check-up of the supervisory authorities will take place by the end of the year and that the merger will be completed.

Fusion: Customers should know that

For the approximately 12 million customers of the two companies changes for the time being nothing. Until the merger takes place, which takes place only after approval of the supervisory authorities and after completion of all regulatory requirements, they remain the customer of the respectively booked supplier. However, as in the case of the merger between O2 and E-Plus, a migration of existing customer data into new systems or new offers could become necessary. 1 & 1, Drillisch, WEB.DE and Co. must, however, adhere to the legal requirements and continue running-time tariffs or grant their customers a special termination right.

United Internet plans the final merger at the end of the year, until then everything remains the same for customers.

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