WhatsApp for iOS: New sticker and GIF features come

Whatsapp MessengerWhatsApp Update New Features – Just a few days ago, WhatsApp had given its Android users a new button for the interface, making it possible to chat video calls with just one click. Now new iPhone and Gif features are announced for iPhone users.

WhatsApp: Update brings new features

After WhatsApp Android users have received a new chat vider call button, iPhone users will soon be able to enjoy several new features as well.

An update will change the design and bring a GIF search. In addition, the search for embroiderers is greatly simplified. When WhatsApp integrates the new features into the final version, is not yet known.

Finding Stickers and GIF Searching is Easier

As the WhatsApp specialist Leaker WABetaInfo, who is specialized in Twitter, allows iPhone users to expect several new features. The search for own favorite sticks is to be made easier for the user and a new design is donated to the GIF search. An optimized user interface shows, among other things, different categories.

WABetaInfo is also tweeting, which is currently being worked on a new contact list. This is later to appear under the status updates. In addition, WhatsApp is to experiment with a new contact list for its iOS version, which will appear under the status updates in the future.

Recently, WhatsApp discovered a delete function for sending messages. A useful feature, because by the fast typing in text messages are often tip errors, which are unfortunately only discovered after sending the faulty message and then can not be corrected. When the mentioned features are integrated in the final version of the messenger for Apple’s iOS is not known.
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