The Netflix app is no longer available for root devices or bootloaders unlocked

Netflix, the well-known streaming video platform, has confirmed that it has made its application unavailable to users with unlocked root or unlocked devices: this will prevent users from finding and downloading the Netflix application from the Play Store.

The novelty comes from version 5.0 of the Netflix application, through the implementation of Widevine DRM technology, although the SafetyNet API has also been exploited; However, it may still be possible to download, install and use the application correctly on rooted or unlocked devices (although it is always unreasonable to download applications outside of the Play Store for security reasons).

Netflix is ​​not the first service that has blocked the way for the most vulnerable users, following other giants such as Pokémon GO and Snapchat: in these two cases, however, the choice followed the need to prevent cheating in the game (in the first case) and To save images irregularly (in the second); For Netflix, the decision might be linked to the ability to save and view offline content.

What do you think of this decision by Netflix? Are we starting slowly at the end of the modding?



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