Samsung’s Smartwatch concept projects UI on hand

I always call it “Mickey Mouse Cinema” when contemporaries and supporters of the portable mini-computer swam and scroll through tiny menus for 5 minutes. The display only barely 10 centimeters in front of the eye patches and this expression in the face, which is anything but a relaxed gemuetslage describes.

But what would happen if we had the possibility to enlarge the basic area of a Smartwatch display, expand it or even partly to outsource it? Well, this is exactly what a patent Samsung is attempting to sign up for in the US, and this shows a Smartwatch in the classic gear design (that is, the early versions) equipped with a projector. And this is not only to represent menu structures, but also apps.

And then later, so if the projector has enough “Oooomph” and the light source installed in it is bright enough to “flush” information to the wall:

But before you go off immediately and try again the good old “knife in the slot of the piggy bank” … that is a concept and even if it is to be applied for a patent, it does not mean that their smartwatches in the foreseeable future Buy koennt.

If I look at the current development of motion sensors, 3D cameras and projectors, then it will take 5 years. If we combine all this with the current state of the battery technology, then this might even take a little longer. So at least if you do not want an external battery with you rumschleppen or with a running time of 5 minutes klarkommen must.

Nevertheless, the future of frontends and interfaces is not limited to displays, because the … yes, the limited to too much;)

via Android Headlines



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