Apple Watch: Developers are increasingly losing interest

Again and again, we can observe it in the tech world: You can bring a good hardware to the market or even a smart software platform – as long as the support of a third party is not there, the company has a problem. In a software platform where the developers do not want to jump, the one or other reader may now think more of Windows smartphones, in this case, however, it is about Apple and more specifically around the Apple Watch.

Realm is now providing insight into its database – we are talking about the data on about 100,000 developers and a user base beyond the billion mark – and it can be inferred that the developers have lost interest in the Apple Smartwatch. Tim Anglade, VP of Realm names numbers:

On a weekly basis we’re seeing very few Watch apps, compared to iOS apps. For every 1,000 new iOS apps being built, there are 10 tvOS apps and maybe 1 Watch app. Tim Anglade, VP Realm

So the iOS boom keeps up and Anglade speaks against the business insider even of a goldgrass mood at tvOS for the new Apple TV 4: Everyone wants to be there with it and bring its software to this platform – and this is at the expense of the app- Developments for the Apple Watch. To 1000 new iOS applications are already 10 tvOS apps and only one app for the Smartwatch.

When Apple introduced the clock, a regular developer hype was a factor – everyone wanted to be there. In the meantime, however, this interest has diminished enormously, also because the developers have little desire to code for a device, which is not much more than an iPhone supplement. This dependency on the iPhone frightens the software developers more and more, Apple should be in its watchOS and its strategy regarding the Apple Watch so quickly, if you want to lose third-party support.



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