Cornetto: Commitment rings against serial fraud



At some point he may come-this terrible moment: you are just coming home from work. The day in the office was hell, the boss is an unjust ass and you had only bad tasks to do. The only thing that keeps you in a good mood is this thought: Eventually, it’s time for a party and you come home to your heart, you make yourselves comfortable in front of the TV and get the latest episode of Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead pure and sleep happily And sabbernd together on the couch.

But this is not the case tonight! How so? Because you hear suspicious sounds when unlocking the apartment door. Quietly you enter your apartment and follow these noises, which seem to come from the living room. You tear open the door and then you see exactly what you thought she could never do to you: she is lying on the couch, makes a very tense impression and when she sees you standing there in the doorway, you are frightened The remote control from the hand. She knows she has deceived you, and you can see it with a glance at the giant TV: She has watched the new episode of Game of Thrones WITHOUT YOU!

A ring, not cheating his partner in netflixing

You have the fear of sweat on your forehead and you wonder how this heartless person could only do it? Rightly so! Much worse crimes can not be done nowadays in a partnership. The ice cream cornet Cornetto – for us Langnese – wants to intervene here and help with the help of state-of-the-art technology that does not happen.

How should this work? With a smart ring, that is, a wearable. Everyone gets such a ring and perhaps you already guess what these rings should do: By NFC it is recognized that the other ring is also just at the start and only, if really both copies before the TV are assembled, starts the desired series. If you try it alone, nothing happens!

How should this work? Cornetto states that you have Netflix, Amazon and other great services on board (which seems to me but not yet). You decide by app together for a favorite series, which you absolutely want to look together and exactly this series will then only run if both rings are close to NFC near the corresponding smartphone with the said app.

If you connect to a series through an app, this commitment is valid for six months, explains Cornetto on the page. Long enough that you can pull a season together. On the side you can also inform yourself about when the rings should be ready. Currently, there are neither the rings nor the apps for Android and iOS, so we can consider whether Cornetto can actually bring out these rings or whether it could fail to reach agreement with the streaming services. Who knows, maybe the whole thing is just a fat marketing air number, but even if it were, the idea is too good for them not to implement someone else, right? 😉



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