Microsoft Accessories: Augmented Reality from 299 dollars!

As Microsoft tells us a lot about the Hololens, but somehow we already know it all. Continuity as from the textbook: scan object, which in the new Paint with the Windows 10 Creators update and then later on the Hololens show – was already clear to us that would go. We also know the price of Hololens …

And then, Microsoft is still showing a quite inconspicuous film with accessories for Augmented Reality: for less than 10 seconds: HP, Asus, Lenovo, Acer and Dell glasses. And what can they do? Mixed Reality, as well as the Hololens! The only difference is that the glasses are wired and much cheaper. $ 299 Microsoft estimates for the cheapest of these glasses, so it is on the slide (shown below) during the presentation. And much more information is unfortunately not available.

What I can say from my own conviction: This is without any further comments a real battle of Microsoft. Even Palmer Luckey from Oculus speaks of Virtual Reality as an intermediate step between 2D and real 3D. And exactly this step Microsoft is already dealing with the Hololens. For more than 3000 Euro, this is not a genuine product for consumers.

Aio4299 Dollar is the announcement of Microsoft – so favorable is the entry model for Augmented resp. Mixed reality. That is still less than half, which is currently paid for the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift – and alone with it is already a correct announcement of the Redmonder.

In terms of design, Microsoft and the other companies do not win prizes – but Generation 1 is now there to gain experience. Design Follows Functionality, as is often said. Maybe this is only about mockups and the final products will be even more handsome.

Really, Microsoft has not yet said about the new AR glasses – but they will be wired. In the glasses itself, therefore, only one monitor and the necessary electronics are installed to detect head movements – the processing runs on the laptop or the PC. The field of view is also likely to be problematic, with the original hololens being only about 30%. For real working environments is still too little, but the problem have early Adopter halt.

So we can definitely remain tense – what Microsoft is doing here with hardware partners, brings the company once again to the top of the list of the most innovative companies. Times look, how long Microsoft still needs: After all, the group has briefly gassed, but not yet given concrete information. This year there will probably be no more. Maybe on the build 2017? And with guarantee you will read more here – we are all hot as frittfett.




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