NBA 2K17 and Fitbit: ingame reward for 10,000 steps

It is a paradox: we sit comfortably on the couch and gamble on the computer, the console or the smartphone sports games – so we put on fat, while on the screen, we drive virtual athletes to peak levels. Of course there are also enough people who play both console games and sports, but we do not mind – the group described above is also there.

Fitbit and 2K want to counter this now and make the players of the basketball simulation NBA 2K17 in the truest sense of the word properly legs. Gamification is the keyword, so you want to create playful incentives that you turn a round through the park before you sit in front of the crate. Specifically, this means: You use a wearable from Fitbit, it takes 10,000 steps back – and are then rewarded in the game NBA 2K17 for it!

How does it look? As follows: On a daily basis, these 10,000 steps are covered and through the Fitbit integration in NBA 2K17 you get as a reward ingame boosts. Each time (but only once a day), you will earn +5 points for a limited period of time to achieve these milestones. The improved scores are valid for five games before they are reduced to the normal level, and you can use them again the next day after completing 10,000 steps.

After the game, the players will be able to play the game, but they will not be able to play the game.

As of November 25th, this feature will be released by a corresponding update, but only in versions of the game for the Microsoft Xbox One and the Sony PlayStation 4. All other platforms currently do not benefit from this interesting idea.

I find this gamification number great and I could imagine that the idea will find some imitators and there will be more co-operation between game publishers and manufacturers of fitness gadgets / apps. It is clear that these 10,000 steps per day do not make you a sports canyon, but definitely it is healthier than just squatting in the shack.



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