Lenovo Moto: No more smartwatches – for now

A few years ago, there was a little bit of goldgrass tuning in the tech business: every company wanted to be there at the time when it was said that the Smartwatch is the next big thing. Google brought with Android Wear the appropriate operating system on the market and also Apple could not close the hype – their Apple Watch is the most popular tech gadget, which is worn worldwide at wrists.

The market did not really want to take up the drive, which had several reasons: For many, the added value simply did not open up, because such a Smartwatch tended to do nothing that can not be done with the smartphone. The one with the software, others with the short recharge time or the not suitable price-performance ratio.

The boom is therefore clearly subsided, except Samsung and Apple, no one really sells significant amounts of these smart clocks and now also Lenovo’s daughter Moto announces that you – at least for the time being – pull the plug. If you are looking for a new Moto watch, we will not be able to see it at the start.

Compared to The Verge, the company confirmed that Moto has at least for the time from the idea to produce new Smartwatches. Shakil Barkat, head of Global Product Development at Moto, said that there is simply not enough time to introduce a new model every year. So next year, there will be neither a Smartwatch nor another Wearable for the wrist of Lenovo Moto.

As a complete withdrawal from the market you do not want to know this: If you are able to miss such a Smartwatch greater added value and corresponding features, you will certainly be active again – but for the next time you do not need a new moto -Watch.

This is a pity, but also understandable – you can see for yourself that the big hype around Smartwatches is clearly worn out and even Apple is hard to tap this field successfully. We will, of course, keep an eye on it and let you know if Moto is going to decide again.



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