Smartwatch, which never needs to be loaded: MATRIX PowerWatch

If you want to buy a Smartwacth today, the battery can last longer than a day or two, then you go to a Pebble. Although the design of these watches looks a bit old-fashioned, the functionality does not come close to that of watches with watchOS or Android Wear, but holds a battery charge well a week. However, at the moment, the future of Pebble is still open. At Indiegogo, however, you can already pre-order a Smartwatch, in which battery life is no longer an issue at all. The MATRIX PowerWatch is charged by its wearer, simply in which it is worn.


Who first thinks of a watch at which the battery is charged by the movement while wearing and a small generator – known as “Autoquarz-clockwork” – which is next to it. However, the system seems obvious, after all it is known and functioning. The makers of PowerWatch rely on temperature fluctuation and thermoelectricity instead of movement:

Thermoelectricity is understood as the mutual influence of temperature and electricity and their interaction. Wikipedia

Thus, in the watch, the thermoelectric element of heat generates the necessary electrical energy to operate the clock and also to charge a battery. This technique is based on the Seeback effect discovered in 1821, and NASA also used this technology for the Voyager and the Mars Rover Curiosity, which is not a revolutionary new technique.

Why now?

Until now, this type of electricity production has only paid off in a few cases since the loss in the conversion of heat into electrical energy is quite high. The efficiency of this energy conversion has thus far been as low as 3-8%. However, if the progress in the energy efficiency of the components required for a Smartwatch is adequately combined with modern thermoelectric elements, then, according to the promise of the people behind the PowerWatch, one can build a current SmartWatch that is never hanged for charging to a power supply got to.

If the clock is stored, it goes into a sleep mode, in which it can remain several years – as soon as it is again applied, the normal operation continues as if there was no break.


The Matrix PowerWatch is a round watch in an “aircraft-grade” aluminum case that is waterproof up to 50 meters deep. The operating system is a proprietary development, but there will be apps for both iOS and Android – with connection to both Apple Healthkit and Google Fit. The watch measures both the steps, the sleep and the burned calories. The measurement of the consumption of caloric energy is generated as a matter of course during the generation of electricity. Practically. The display is an energy-saving, monochrome display with 1.2 inch diameter – but no touchscreen. The clock is operated by a knob on the right side.

While the data collected by the PowerWatch is synchronized with the smartphone, the clock is in the other direction but less talkative: the display of notifications from the smartphone is not supported – at least not at the beginning. There will also be “Micro Applications”, for example a stopwatch and a display of the played music.

The choice is exactly one model: the watch in the aluminum case with black bracelet – unisex. Although not expected from every manufacturer a model variety like Apple, but a few variations would be nice, even if the offered model comes classic-elegant and the color combination Alu / black almost always fits.

Target group

The target group of this watch is obviously people who would like to wear a fitnesstrack, but they prefer to wear it in the shape of a classic watch rather than in the form of a plastic bracelet, which in many cases is apt. If you want to notify you about incoming SMS and calls, or if you want to answer them directly, you will still have to look at the other smartwatches on the market and have to charge the gadget of your choice regularly. At least in the near future – the development does not stop.

To have the MATRIX PowerWatch at Indiegogo from $ 129 plus shipping, the later sales price is to be $ 169.99, the delivery is planned for July 2017.



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