AppleWatch fails the service update paused on watchOS 3.1.1

Apple and its software updates – lately this is more and more times. The latest example of the fact that Cupertino is not free of flaws, the company has now delivered with the watchOS 3.1.1 update for the Apple Watch. Many users complain that after the update of the operating system available on Monday, the clock failed the service. Not all devices are affected, but if you can watch the following screen on its Apple Watch, it has unfortunately been caught.

The main concern is the Apple Watch 2, but also with old models the difficulties have already occurred. “Difficulty” is by the way still nicely formulated, because where the error occurs, one has just clocked his clock. Or put it another way: The Apple Watch becomes the smallest clock in the world.

On this page, Apple itself suggests that you force a reboot (hold down the side key and the Digital Crown for at least 10 seconds until the Apple logo appears). If that does not work, then you only the way to the next Apple Store, in order to have the clock repaired, one explains there.

But also on site, you can not help those affected, because as reported by Apple Insider, to correct the problem is access to the diagnosis port of the Apple Watch – and you do not have on-site. This means that your watch must be entered when it is affected by this problem.

The update on watchOS 3.1.1 should really only be a “Minor” update, so only minor errors can be eliminated. Instead it provides for so big problems that Apple a) publicly refers to it and b) the update has also for the time being withdrawn. Apple is currently running some things quite wrong, but with its software updates, you now have a real negative run.

How quickly the error is fixed or when updates are made available on watchOS, Apple has not yet communicated. We suspect, however, that the company is feverishly working on a new version, which will probably find its way to the Apple Watch in the next few days.



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