Apple lists prices for lost AirPods – and deletes an app that could recover them

The wireless AirPods have provided a veritable hubbub since their performance (measured by their size). On the one hand, they already gave us a lot of laughter, because not only their similarity to the brush-on brushes of electric tooth cleaning devices inspired early the imagination of Scherzbolden. On the other hand, it also hurt serious criticism of the price, the reparability and the risk of losing the expensive ear jewelry.

Now Apple has announced the German prices for the single purchase of a single AirPod, possibly landed in the Gulli or Blatpaufen AirPods and reaches as expected strong. Satte 75 euros is a corresponding replacement costs, a lost load box costs just as much.

Piquant will announce the German prices after a look at the App Store. There was until the weekend with “Finder for Airpods” an app, with which one had at least a small chance to find a lost AirPod. The application searched for the bluetooth signal of the earplug and, like a potter on a childbirth day, moved the owner close to the device. Warm, wäääärmer … there they are. With a quite acceptable price of around 4 euros, the app was also worth a try without success guarantee at least.





The store commission of 4 euros vs. 75 euros for a new AirPod – because you had to count on Apple apparently not long and kicked the app out of the directory. According to the developer, according to Apple, the app had no complaints about the app, but the company does not fit the “concept” of the app, consider the application “unsuitable”.

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Now, one can certainly argue that Apple is just a profitable company that makes use of its digital right of home – donated, we know. But directly related to the publication of the juicy prices and against the background that the AirPods are currently available only with long waiting times, remains just once again a “taste.”

The app “Lightblue Explorer” can also find a lost AirPod and has so far apparently not on the radar.

Download QR code
LightBlue Explorer – Bluetooth Low Energy
Developer: PunchThrough

Price: Free



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