Mymanu Clik: Live translation with 37 languages in the ear

Whoever has read Douglas Adams “A hitchhiker through the galaxy”, the babelfish should be known. It nests itself in the auditory canal and translates every language of the universe into that of the host. Not quite so far you must the In-Ears Mymanus Clik and there are “only” 37 languages, but otherwise the Hearables work the same way.

The translation takes a processor in the headphones, which waits for one or two spoken sentences and translates with a maximum delay of five to ten seconds. This is not yet a babelfish in real-time or simultaneous translation, but faster than collecting the words of an unknown language from the Langenscheidt.

It is nice that Clik automatically recognizes the spoken language and translates it into the desired target language. You can find it in the app, where you can also download the different language packs. In principle, the Mymanu Clik work similar to the Waverly pilot, have also been funded by crowdfunding, but with 155 pounds a little cheaper.

Besides the main feature translation, Clik has a few more gimmicks. SMS and notifications, Clik reads you and lets the headphones then light up thanks to the built-in LEDs in different colors. Callers are also announced, so you can save yourself the grip on the smartphone. Just to see that the customer recovery from the Telekom again calls, although you have specifically forbidden (yes, there is a personal trauma behind it).

This type of calls can reject or accept calls via the touch on the side of the headphones. Swipes and taps perform the corresponding functions, including, of course, the music control.

So Clik settles with his operating concept somewhere between the two models of Bragi: The Dash and The Headphone. Bragi is considered one of the pioneers of “Truly Wireless” headphones, which seem to find more and more enthusiastic buyers. Including me. The complete cable is simply cool.

Mymanus Clik can be pre-ordered at the moment and will be delivered in May. How well the language translation of the Hearables then works, we will then try. Then it shows what the four years of development have brought.



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