Huawei CEO admits: “I do not understand this with the smartwatches”

Since a few years ago a regular hype about wearables and smartwatches has broken out, the companies have their problems with explaining to their customers, what added value such a smart clock has. Even Samsung and Apple, which dominate this market with their products, are difficult to make clear that these watches are more than just gadgets, which essentially can do things that already any smartphone has mastered.

This could also be the reason why in everyday life you sometimes encounter a smartwatch carrier here, but the really big boom but despite Hypes never really used and the sales numbers are conceivably far away from those that are achieved with smartphones can.

Huawei is one of the smartphone manufacturers, the relatively late at all only on this train has jumped, with the Huawei Watch but then had a very nice and high-quality device at the start. Until the Huawei Watch 2, the company from China then left a whopping two years. It could already be seen that Huawei is not of the opinion that the market must be flooded with smart watches.

Even more clearly, as far as the relevance and usefulness of Smartwatches is concerned, the CEO was now personally, Eric Xu: At the Huawei Analyst Summit in 2017, he was asked the question as to whether a manufacturer of smartphones should not be afraid that this product category – ie smartphones – are extinct Is becoming more and more diverse and ever more different wearables that come onto the market. Then he replied,

I’m not a man who wears watches, and I’ve never been optimistic about this market. In fact, I’ve never figured out why we need to wear smartwatches when everything we need is on our phones. Eric Xu, Huawei CEO

Frequently, for example, he does not grant the Smartwatch market a great future and has never really understood why smart watches should be worn if we already have all these features on the smartphone. A lot of readers ticking similar will probably nod, but as CEO of a global corporation that serves this market, this is, of course, an amazing statement.

Xu is one of the rotating CEOs in the company and so the next one can share a completely different view – which could explain why the above statement can be made shortly after Huawei presented its new Smartwatch at the MWC. It gives us an interesting insight into the company and shows us that not all of the products have to be convinced.

Even with the competitors Samsung, LG, etc., I will not let go that one will develop further and introduce improved models, but these have moved into the background in the matter of attention. It has an impact on me as if you were using this niche because it completes its own portfolio, but it is unlikely that Smartwatches will ever push the smartphones from the market – at Eric Xu of Huawei, we know it quite well Exactly what he thinks of these smart companions on the bracelet.

Sources: South China Morning Post and Forbes



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