Is a fitness tracker a murderer?

The recorded from a fitness tracker data could now lead to a US citizen is the murder of his wife transferred. The 40-year-old computer technician from the state of Connecticut had claimed in interviews that his 39-year-old woman was murdered by a burglar, he had been tied up. But the data of the fitness bracelet tell a story that does not fit this version of Tatgeschehens.

Police found the man after a received emergency partially tied up and with superficial cuts in his house. The wife was already dead at that time, one was in her mind of a total of two bullets from a .357 pistol. According to the husband, a masked intruder had previously entered the house, who had “found” the two months earlier acquired weapon. There had been a big, burly man in camouflage clothing, the voice of the actor Vin Diesel have resembled. This man had shot his wife, he saw action and was handcuffed.

In the evaluation of the crime, however, the investigators met with inconsistencies. Who claimed the husband material time was one hour prior to the time that was recorded by the FitBit fitness tracker wife. Apparently the lady was still alive at the time of her alleged death and died much later, when there was the man in the interrogations on record. This discrepancy in the time sequence obviously leads to the fact that the outlined sequence of events as a whole is untrustworthy.

In addition, the investigators found that the man had an affair with a woman with whom he was expecting a child together. Man credit card statements pointed to visiting strip bars, hotel stays and flower purchases. A divorce was apparently already planned what the investigators were able to trace on the basis of text messages.

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The case shows how extensive is digital can present data now used for almost meticulous logging course of a day. A worn by the victim Fitness Tracker is of course an impressive example, but also from smartphones stored location curves of a perpetrator or victim should certainly have been so brought some perpetrators to track. As many devices now transmit their data in real time “in the cloud”, an offender, the data does not even disappear, because without the appropriate access rights for access to the device is useless to him.

The next hearing is scheduled for 28 April 2017 the man located after a deposit at large calls to his lawyer continue to “not guilty”.




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