Apple is buying Beddit: Apple wants to monitor your sleep

Google makes it, Facebook makes it, Apple, of course, also: Here and there you take money from the Kriegskasse and is a company. Sometimes it is about having a particular product in their own portfolio, another time perhaps about the technology behind it or the heads they are responsible for.

Currently, Apple has sacked Beddit, as a look in their privacy regulations reveals:

Beddit has been acquired by Apple. Your personal data will be collected, used and disclosed in accordance with the Apple Privacy Policy.

What is Beddit about? It provides a sleep tracker along with an app to help you monitor your sleep. The difference to the whole trackers you find on smartphones or wearables: You do not have to take your gadget to bed with you. Usually, you need to wear your fitness wrist strap or have the smartphone in your bed so that the tracking works optimally. At Beddit, this task is carried out by a sensor which is placed under the sheet in the form of a long, very thin and flexible mat.

The sensor is constantly powered via USB, so you do not have to worry about the charge and you do not have to carry any technical equipment on your arm or lie with you. From this, the tracker does all that one can expect from these technologies: monitors the duration, depth and quality of sleep, also captures the snoring and heartbeat of the sleeping person, as well as the frequency of breathing and not least the sensors also perceive how To your sleeping environment is ordered, so how warm it is and what humidity in the room prevails.

All of this you get then of course next morning cleverly cleansed in the app, so you can see if you had a good sleep or not. In the latter case, you also see what has contributed to the fact that you have not slept so comfortably as desired.

Both companies are silent so far, so we do not know how it is about the future of Beddit ordered, nor what Apple plans now with the acquired technology. It is known that Apple is lagging behind other trackers, as regards the sleep functions. It is likely that both the Health App and Apple Watch would benefit from more sophisticated monitoring techniques as they fall asleep.

Should Beddit or Apple itself express, we let you know. Until then, we are only aware of the fact that the company from Cupertino has slammed here and has a very interesting start-up incorporated.

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