Do you have 3,000 dollars? Then buy the Nokia 3310 Titanium

If you do not have to look at the Pfennig and often look for a mobile phone with which you can beat the pudding in Monte Carlo before your yachtclub friends, you may have heard the name Gresso. It is a Russian Nobel-Schmiede, which has already offered so many smartphone or Feature Phone in the luxury case.

If you like, there can be quite seven-figure amounts on the table of the house, an Android smartphone, however, there are times for slim 1 800 dollars. The Russians are refining smartphones and also bringing out their own hardware and sleeves for smartphones – and this time they have pre-selected a handset that has been talked about and talked about in recent days: The new Nokia 3310 is the new version of the mobile phone- classic!

From the form, the noble version of Gresso corresponds absolutely to what HMD Global offers, but, of course, you are using other materials here. The Gresso 3310 is made of Titanium with a hardness of 5 – a material which is often used in aviation and aerospace technology or in biomedical implants. The Titanium Handset is designed to exceed falls of almost 10 meters without damage.

If the Ur-3310 has already been infamous as an unbreakable mobile phone, you can now be sure that your mobile companion will not be able to do anything so quickly. Technically it remains the same cucumber as the normal 3310 in its new edition. It is a feature phone with outstanding battery life, as well as an extremely moderate cam on the back, 32 GB of memory and, of course, the hardware keyboard, which in this case is also made of titanium.

This all costs you but a bit more than the 49 Euro, the HMD Global for the regular version calls. For the Gresso 3310 fall 2,990 dollars, which makes this exclusive mobile phone not exactly the snapper of the season. By the way, only 3310 units are produced, so that only a very limited number of people are able to enjoy the show of this noble 3310.

Why one should spend such a mountain money on a mobile phone, with which one besides telephone calls more manageable possibilities, will not be opened to me in this life. But if you do not know again, where with your millionth profit from the lottery, because you already have everything except a cell phone, which can be guaranteed less than any smartphone so smart, then you should striking absolutely.



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