Russian antitrust authorities condemn Apple for illegal pricing

The Russian Antimonopoly Apple has convicted of illegal price controls. The company should have the prices for the iPhone series more or less dictated in consultation with several Russian trading companies. A free trade, benefit the consumers of alternative bids should have been prevented. will be decided in the next ten days about the actual amount of the penalty.

The Cartel Office in Moscow was determined against the Russian sales office “Apple Rus” as well as to several international subsidiaries of the US group since August 2016th

In this specific case it comes to the iPhone 6S and the slightly larger iPhone 6S Plus. The current top models iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus were apparently not under investigation, but there were parallels with previous models. The antitrust authorities had become suspicious because the two smartphones were offered with a total of sixteen Russian trading companies and telecommunications providers for the same price. A competition was not so held de facto.

It is not uncommon that traders strictly keep just the beginning of a sales period of the so-called “retail price” of the manufacturer if the product offered is in particularly high demand. However, it is more than evident when not a single provider of this EIA is different and so is trying to beat competitors to cheat. Antitrust case of this type typically include testimonies and insight into business documents, where you could possibly find evidence of illegal price fixing or -vorgaben. Whether and to what extent this happen in Russia, however, is not mentioned in the current process.

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According to the Interfax news agency and the references cited therein deputy director Andrej authorities Zarikowski Apple could appeal the decision of the antitrust authorities in court. Apple avoided this step, the judgment is final and the penalty must be paid.

In Germany, the Federal Cartel Office determined recently against Apple because audiobooks from Audible offered exclusively via iTunes. Under pressure from the investigators and the equally competent EU commission Apple and Audible had to cancel relevant clauses from their contracts, the case was closed then.



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