Google Pixel: Are there three new smartphones this year?

After Google successfully released its first smartphones under its own name last year with the Google Pixel and the Google Pixel XL, it was almost natural that the company from California will be able to pounce this year. We expect the Google Pixel 2 and also an XL offshoot.

It is now also known that these two handsets are known internally under the project names “Walleye” and “Muskie“, which are both – once again – names of fish. Google has been doing this for some time now, and after we have agreed that Google will deliver two new smartphones to us, rumbling in the rumors pond suddenly a third fish.

The name is “Taimen” – a fish that belongs to the salmon family and is on average over one meter long. But even more than two meters long specimens with a weight of more than 100 kilos have been spotted. Why this small fish? Because this may also close to the device. Similar to the fish is a pretty chunk, the sources of Droid Life mention that this third smartphone is also larger than the other two models.

More information is currently not available – except that the “Taimen” should also be a smartphone and not a tablet or even a 2-in-1. Nevertheless, it should be pointed out that this device must be considered separately, thus detached from the other two smartphones as a separate category.

What that means exactly, we can not say with these vague information at hand and at this time. Will you revive the Nexus series? Or is it simply the stripped version, which was already mentioned in previous rumors, only with an even bigger display than with the Pixel XL and for selected regions?

Until the new hardware is introduced, there will be some time left, in which we can think about what the Californians hatch. Interesting it all sounds and I am good things that we are also before – perhaps already to the Google I/O in May – already more to the new handsets experienced. Petri Heil!



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