Smartphones, Routers & Co. is threatening an EU-wide sale ban

Not yet published and therefore non-existent EU standards could ensure that from mid-June a whole series of electronic products are not allowed to be sold in Europe. A prohibition on sales, which entered into force, Routers, smartphones, navigation systems and other devices. This can be seen in a letter from Brigitte Zypries (SPD) to the EU Commission and Commissioner Elżbieta Bieńkowska in Brussels.

The currently missing standards are being developed by the ETSI across Europe, which is basically a good thing. Established standards therefore apply to the entire European economic area and are therefore intended to set binding conditions for the use of the equipment, both for manufacturers and for consumers. A cumbersome and expensive licensing procedure in individual countries is no longer required, the approval is accelerated.

The “Radio Equipment Directive (RED)” has already been adopted by the EU in 2014, formally it has been in force since June 2016. The EU Directive stipulates that until the publication of new standards a transitional period takes precedence after 13 June 2017 Products placed on the market should not be hindered by the conversion. At the end of this period – from 13 June 2017 onwards – all products affected by the EU Directive must comply with the new but de facto non-existent standards.

“[It] threatens not only economic losses in all member states and numerous companies, but also threats to jobs in the electrical and electronics industry as well as in trade.” Federal Minister of Economics Brigitte Zypries

According to the data available so far, numerous products are available which can send and receive radio signals. Due to the broad interpretation of the EU Directive, the regulations do not only apply to new products, but already commercially available articles would be affected and would have to be removed from the shelves and online-shops during the summer.

In the final analysis, this means that manufacturers would have to subject their equipment to an individual test in order to obtain a sale permit valid in the European Union after 13 June.

In the opinion of the Federal Minister of Economics, the new directive on electronic devices was formulated far too vaguely by the responsible EU commission and forwarded far too late to ETSI. Although directive 2014/53 / EU has more or less detailed the characteristics of “sparking” devices, the harmonized European standards (hEN) need to be implemented in practice. The delays in forwarding to the competent authority and a far-reaching final inspection now lead to delays of several months.



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