Apple: zero tax at $4.2 billion sales in New Zealand

The iPhone manufacturer Apple is now threatening, besides the ongoing tax dispute with the European Union, further trouble on the other side of the globe. It seems that New Zealand is slowly coming to the funnel, that Tim Cook & Co. interpret the limits of tax avoidance practices too far. In the land of the sheep one is annoyed that Apple despite a turnover of 4.2 billion dollars has paid a bit zero dollar tax. This means that US Americans even undercut the 0.005% tax that has been levied in Ireland in recent years.

According to the New Zealand herald, Apple has a market share of around 25% in New Zealand. Especially the iPhone is very popular with the “Kiwis” and with a 221,000 units sold occupies a top position on the market. As a result, the Group has achieved high sales in the country over the past 10 years, but the New Zealand state has nothing to do with it.

The company’s annual financial statements show tax payments of $ 37 million, which were never received by the New Zealand financial authorities. Rather, these taxpayments landed on the accounts of the Australian Finance Office, because Apple imports the iPhones sold in New Zealand as Australian exports.

This practice is based on a tax treaty that Apple has apparently closed years ago with the Australians. If the tax rates in New Zealand were used to calculate the tax liability, then Apple would have had to pay according to the previously available information actually about 356 million dollars.

“New Zealand over the past decade. Because of our products and services are created, designed and engineered in the US, that’s where the vast majority of our tax is paid. ” Apple

This sum is ridiculously low compared to the tax claims collected in Europe of around 13 billion euros. But Apple argues in a first statement to the New Zealand media reports similar to Brussels: the value added with an iPhone takes place exclusively in the United States, because there the design and development department of the enterprise. Accordingly, the profits in New Zealand and / or Australia would be taxed in the USA.

This, in turn, is even seen by the US tax authorities. According to their opinion, Apple and other companies have been using a clause in American tax law for years, which allows for the parking of enormous profits on foreign accounts. Taxation occurs only when the money is actually transferred to the US, which the companies however as far as possible avoid. The EU had already noted with Cupertino in the ongoing tax dispute that it would of course be possible to waive tax claims if Apple could prove under actual tax agreements with the United States an actual payment.



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