Essential: Android inventor Rubin teasert his new smartphone

Andy Rubin – whom we owe the Android operating system, which Google has incorporated many years ago – loves it mysteriously. After announcing in January that we are seeing the first smartphones of his new company Essential this summer, he once again wrapped himself up in silence.

Now he registers again, at Twitter and with a photo. In the words “I’m really excited about how this is shaping up.” He teases his new smartphone on the picture, where she sees essentially a pair of jeans and a hand covering the smartphone , Only the upper right corner of the handset peaks out of the hand and obviously reveals a smartphone, which can also shine on the top through a very narrow frame around the display (… and that the good Andy Rubin should be back again, if one times Looking at the battery indicator).

There is no more information about this, so we do not know what it is technically with this device, nor does it let us know whether the time frame – performance in summer 2017 – is still up to date. He did not specify the time window, of course, so we only know that he is now hot, that more people get this smartphone in the hand.

If this smartphone, which has already been leaked, that it has a high screen-to-body ratio, actually already in the summer get into the trade, we may assume that this device has already gone through some hands. Bring us up-to-date but unfortunately no new insights than what the image reveals.

I am sure that before the summer we will learn more about this device and as soon as there are new news, we will inform you of course here.

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