Adé, Android: Donald Trump now uses an iPhone to tweet

With the frequency with which I am still shaking my head on the policy of Donald Trumps, one should think that with so many strange decisions he makes, he hardly finds the time to tweet. However, this is not so so, as it is known to us daily, Twitter is still the instrument that he likes to talk to his people.

We reported that he did so until recently quite obviously over a very old Android smartphone. Alt means not only that the model is already pretty much overhauled, but above all also that the software is not updated on it and thus represents a safety risk. In his office as president, he is, of course, also offering secure smartphones, but as they are not allowed to use Twitter there, they seem not very exciting for the 45th POTUS of the US.

For a few weeks, however, Twitter users have noticed that one or other of its tweets is now sent via an iPhone. It was speculated that just someone from his team is twittering on his iPhone while he continues to use the androids of his trust. But now, his social media director Dan Scavino Jr. brought light into the dark.

He tells us in his tweet that the US president has been using his new iPhone for a couple of weeks now – which in turn means that the comrades were still on the road the whole time before with the old Android smartphone Thus again proved to be frighteningly advisory.

Scavino Jr. also explained that he also writes these tweets himself and does not let anyone write on behalf of someone. In addition, there is also that he himself reads – all silly sayings to his manageable talent to read texts, I sneeze at this point just times. Donald Trump has switched to the Apple camp, which is a step forward in terms of security against an aged Android smartphone with old OS, but the wisdom of the final conclusion is not actually yet.

This will not disturb him, of course, and who knows: Perhaps the president is now so synonymous with Apple is not so hard in the court, the company should not decide to have the iPhone in the US to produce as he would like.



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