Samsung Galaxy S8: Does the sluggish chip production for delivery bottlenecks?

Finally, many Samsung fans will say today, when the new Samsung Galaxy S8 was officially introduced. Together with the bigger S8 +, we will get to know the new flagship today, but there are still a couple of dark clouds that could cause discomfort.

As reported by Android Authority, there is a problem with production, which could lead to supply bottlenecks. So will many Samsung fans have to wait longer than planned until they finally hold their Samsung Galaxy S8? It is possible, if the production of the SoCs is actually as badly ordered as it seems.

The Korea Herald reports from Samsung’s home that Qualcomm does not like the production of the Snapdragon 835 – its new SoC flagship for this year. Already in the run-up, it was speculated that Qualcomm can not offer any extra capacity at the start of the sale, which is why LG and HTC already left the Snapdragon 821 with their top models.

In several regions, Samsung is the first provider to rely on this Snapdragon 835 and the sources are right here, it stands out, that many potential S8 buyers only once in the tube, ie longer than hoped to wait for their new model. Not exactly the best start for the people at Samsung, who really want to prove today after the Galaxy Note7 debacle, that they are rightly still the technological spearhead on Android phones.

The fact is that the production of the Exynos 8895-SoCs is not a matter of preference – that is, the production of the system that we will find in the non-Snapdragon models of the S8. With both SoCs a change of the manufacturing process took place in the run-up – that makes the processors more compact, but now also makes quite obvious for some difficulties.

Let us now take the launch – today from 5 pm – and see what Samsung has to present – but after that we will of course have an eye for when the sales start is actually announced and whether this is synonymous with Sufficiently available units.



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