Amazon apparently wants to become a mobile service provider

When Amazon brought his FirePhone to the market several years ago, the shipping giant has burnt his fingers. Compared to other hardware from the house of Amazon, this smartphone was a colossal flop. A new smartphone of the Americans is still not far in sight, but the mobile phone market seems to be still very interesting for the company.

According to the economic weekly, Amazon is striving to capture the German market with its own mobile communications product. The company would like to appear as a virtual mobile operator and sell its own SIM cards, insiders report with industry knowledge. This is not easy, of course, because it would have to be done with the support of the three big names on the German market, ie Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone or Telefónica. One of these vendors would have to part of their own network capacities and sell to Amazon long term.

As it is said, initial discussions between Amazon and the network operators have already taken place, but nothing about the course of these discussions has become known, at least not yet. And as is always the case with rumors of this kind: the companies themselves at this time of any negotiations are nothing. Amazon commented the rumors as usual: By saying that the rumor is just not to comment. This does not make much sense, but at least it is not a clear denial.

What do you say? Would SIM cards from Amazon be exciting for you, assuming that the company will surely create attractive tariff packages? Or is the company already too drastic?



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