Google: Pixel 2 is to receive flexible OLED displays from LG

The smartphone pixels and pixel XL from Google – and manufactured by HTC – now have about half a year under his belt. No wonder, then, that both run the development of the successor and the to belong rumor mill in full swing. Really a lot we still do not know about the pixel 2, ivon we heard m last month that the pixel 2 might just be one of three new Google smartphones, we next to the pixels 2 XL thus still likely to expect another model.

How big the design differences will be between these models, we do not know, but reports from South Korea, according to at least one of the new devices will be equipped with a flexible OLED panel. While just Samsung (as seen in the article picture) celebrates with his Edge models great success, Google sets but rather on the Samsung rival LG. So it is that is that Google with an investment of 880 million US dollars would help LG Display at the developer corresponding displays.

In the last year pixels smartphones Google still sat on Samsung as a display partner and 2.5D glass – this time one might instead offer probably also a walking by the side edges over the top panel. LG we have not seen such, although we all know what assets to build for tips displays the Koreans.

With the investment – which is not yet sealed, according to the source – Google wants to ensure that the mass production of LG can be performed easily. The change Google’s Samsung switcht to LG, but could also mean that Apple has secured so many capacities such displays for its anniversary iPhone that Samsung still can not provide large amounts for Google.



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