Samsung Galaxy S8: Advance sales are shining

That the Samsung Galaxy S8 would flop completely, had probably eh nobody expected. One of the most famous smartphone series on this planet has been technically updated and the Infinity Display also visually clearly. Nevertheless, we asked ourselves the question of what the Galaxy Note 7 debacle could do with the reputation of this other flagship and whether the fans continue to respect the Koreans.

A final answer is still pending, but as it seems, it looks anything but bad for Samsung: In the US, the company speaks of “strong double digit growth” compared to the previous year. It is therefore the trick to increase the pre-orders on the Galaxy S8 and S8 + Galaxy Galaxy S and S7 edge in the high double-digit range, although in between the Galaxy Note 7 number took place and the new flag ships also increased the price.

Interestingly in the United States the larger S8 + is more popular with the pre-orders. According to the smartphone users in Asia, the people in the US also seem to discover their passion for huge displays. That the pre-orders the color variant “Midnight Black” is the most popular against gray and silver, however, surprised less.

From Korea, too, we hear the first signs of sales success: While Samsung does not give any concrete figures in the US, South Korea is talking about the fact that on the first two days in this small country, 550,000 pre-orders have already been filed with Samsung. This is even more than 5 times as much as it was in the previous year.

It is therefore apparent that Samsung is not punished for the battery disaster from 2016 – on the contrary: the mix of insight into the mistakes of the last year, including the credible explanation why this will not be repeated and a very interesting new flagship and Advertising campaigns, Samsung seems to be able to rebound to new heights. The Galaxy S8 and the S8 + are now already the most popular Android smartphones of the year, no matter how much the Google, LGs and Huawei stretch the world.

Of course, we will pursue this further and see if this trend is confirmed – in one or two weeks, when the first devices will be delivered, we can probably tell you more about it.



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