Samsung Galaxy S8: Bixby button can not be used any other way

On the Samsung Galaxy S8, there is really little to criticize: the company has produced an absolute top-notch smartphone, on which very, very many people will have their bright joy. But if there is criticism, then it is mostly the new artificial intelligence called Bixby, which Samsung has packed on the device.

So we now know that Bixby will not be fully functional when these days the first Galaxy S8 will be delivered, to the German version in full, we will sometimes have to wait until the end of the year.

Just how important Bixby is to Samsung’s strategy is, you can see from the fact that the Koreans gave the language assistant on the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 + their own hardware button. All the more annoying, therefore, if the quasi dead or leads to a feature, which we can fully use in many months.

Since it was at least gratifyingly, that there was a workaround, with which one this button could be used. So you could theoretically instead of Bixby through this trick the Google Assistant activate the camera function or whatever. Now, however, the XDA developers report that Samsung has quickly pulled the plug and with a firmware update prevents the possibility of using this workaround.

A Samsung employee himself has now confirmed that this is actually so and explains succinctly that the users do not actually cause any harm. Finally, the Samsung Galaxy S8 had not yet been officially delivered and thus this trick was never really available.


@geoff5093 @Lostatsea1923 @One3OneKing @droid_life It was exploiting a system-level behavior. That behavior has been changed. Can’t say it will never happen, but we won’t officially support.

— Philip Berne (@philipberne) April 17, 2017


Strictly speaking, this is of course correct and it is also perfectly understandable that Samsung would like to get people to use Bixby in the future. Nevertheless, it has at least times a bland flavor, if a new function is to be so pushed. It would be nice if Bixby worked so outstandingly well that the owners of the smartphones by themselves use these assistants instead of a competitor product. So get used to the fact that you find a more or less superfluous button on your brand new Galaxy S8. At least Bixby is fully operational for German-speaking users in a few months – or resourceful tinkers find another way to get this button otherwise occupied.

Via Caschy’s blog, article photo also by Caschy’s blog




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