Redstitch on the display of the Galaxy S8: Samsung announces update

As is the case when particularly hotly anticipated smartphones enter the trade, there are always first users, who notice a problem and communicate this. Apple already knows that various “Gates” make the round (sometimes more, sometimes less justified) through the media, Samsung knows the game no later than the battery disaster of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

Also the new Samsung Galaxy S8 comes unfortunately not without a blem from, which concerns the display is concerned – actually an absolute domain of the Koreans. Since the first devices are delivered, the net also shows photos of Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 + displays, which have a light red or pink shade.

Meanwhile, Samsung has spoken against the Korea Herald and promises to solve as soon as possible: In the explanation of this problem, Samsung describes that the discoloration could be triggered by the automatic adjustment of the screen to the ambient light. First, the company recommended that you can correct this in the settings as a user by manually adjusting the color balance. This is by the way, by the settings of the color balance screen (settings – display – screen mode – color balance) and red down there.

Samsung seems to be quite certain that this is the cause of the redness, and now wants to deliver a software update as soon as possible – that is, this week – which fixes this problem and corrects the color adjustment to the ambient light. One hundred percent, Samsung apparently does not trust it, because at the same time, one is also known to replace faulty smartphones, this red shadow should not have disappeared after the update.

This would of course be the biggest possible catastrophe if this beautiful display – one of the biggest sales arguments for the Galaxy S8 – should have a hardware problem of this quality. So let’s press the Koreans so the thumb that the red-haunted in a few days by software update is fixed.

PS: Neither Daniil’s test device nor my personal Galaxy S8 are affected, but you can not really see how much of this problem is actually or how many of the delivered units suffer from it. Do we have among our readers buyers of the S8 or S8 + who have this reddish? Let us know!

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