Apple iPhone 8 Dummy: This is how it should look!

Whether the smartphone of Cupertino, which will be released iPhone 7s and 7s Plus in addition to the regular handsets, now iPhone 8 iPhone X, iPhone Edition or will be called otherwise: The number of leaks, rumors and smartphone sightings until September even further rise through the roof and make sure that again this year Apple provides the most anticipated smartphone.

Now a dummy has emerged, which is to reveal the design that we get offered the iPhone. 8 This dummy has been made by Twitter user Benjamin Geskin from Latvia who betrays in his short biography:

I Make Realistic Renders Based On Rumors and Leaks. Designer. Source and Leaker.

He leakt even like and is apparently also in a position to be able to so rooms due to leaked data itself a dummy together. In this case, it indicates that this iPhone Dummy is a CNC model is based which comes directly from Foxconn and reveals the final design. The colleague is aware of his case logically very safe and skin now diligently pictures out, by which we can deal with it now to know what to expect.

Sensational is the extent not when the device reveals the image almost exactly with what is already penetrated through leaks to the public. Nevertheless, we want them but of course not hide from you here:

The item comes with the round shapes that actually – already reported in Leaks – similar to the first iPhone with glass back and stainless steel frame, but then should be black in the finished iPhone. We also see a front display, which actually takes up almost the entire front and has displaced the fingerprint sensor.

The camera on the back is again cause trouble for all those who are thus annoyed that a smartphone with camera survey can not be on the table without wobbling – even here we see again that is such a camera-Huckel. Thicker the iPhone is the way, not according to the rumors: Geskin speaks of 7.1 mm thickness.


Where the fingerprint sensor remains – function area below the display, completely under the glass surface of the display or even completely disappeared – perhaps we will learn in September. At least we see on these designs, however, that Apple can disappear the home button and thus Samsung nachtut.

We now rely on simple time on it, that the leaker of Riga has actually been placed on the right templates Foxconn and revel in other images showing in fact a beautiful iPhone.



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