Google Pixel 2: New smartphones come with Snapdragon 835

Last year there was the first for Google with the first smartphones that were not marked as Nexus smartphone, but sailed directly under Google flag. Although it also resorted to another manufacturing company – HTC – back that smartphones were released then but just as Google pixel Google pixel or XL.

Out of nothing Google has catapulted into the high-end league of handsets and it is no surprise that this year the rumor mill when it comes to the successor of premium smartphones. As is already the talk that the Google pixel is to receive two flexible OLED displays from LG that it is both waterproof and probably will be a little more expensive still, and also has been rumored that we expected even three devices from Google this year to have.

The three devices – working title “Walleye” and “Muskie” and “taimen” – also appear now on again and have indeed found in Google AOSP code as the sleuths at .. Not only that, the three names again there to are found – they are also brought explicitly by a developer with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 in combination. Among the signs for the MSM8998 – that is the model number of the Snapdragon 835 – the three models are specifically mentioned:

=== Started building your change on 9 target(s) ===

Building 9 configured target(s): aosp-master/aosp_arm64-eng aosp-master/aosp_x86-eng git_master/aosp_muskie-userdebug git_master/aosp_walleye-userdebug git_master/marlin-userdebug git_master/muskie-userdebug git_master/sailfish-userdebug git_master/taimen-userdebug git_master/walleye-userdebug.

Along with the Adreno 540 GPU provides the Snapdragon 835 technical spearhead its is what you can currently be mounted on a premium smartphone, so that we can see even now already that the pixel successor all in the high-end range are situate.


First smartphones with this system are the Samsung Galaxy S8 and its big brother S8 + and the Xiaomi Mi 6 – Google so would find itself in good company. but this code snippet does not want to reveal more to us so far, and the top model from Qualcomm frankly after having equipped the pixel smart phones last year in the pixel 2 is not really a surprise. Most surprising, in fact is still that here again the third device “taimen” is mentioned and then also in connection with the Snapdragon 835th

Maybe Google can yes to Google I / O will soon be a little more look to the cards, however, more likely is that in a few months we learned officially new to these three handsets, which are expected to be presented to us in the fall.



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