Huawei, smartphone king in China! Apple slips off

When sales are talked about in China, the importance of this huge market is usually talked about, and this is, of course, quite justified. So, if experienced analysts such as the IDC (International Data Corporation) publish new figures on the smartphone market in China, it is worth taking a look.

The Chinese companies themselves are likely to see this in the first quarter of 2017, as domestic providers dominate the market in the middle of the country quite clearly. Of the five companies that account for 70 per cent of all smartphones sold in China, there are four from this country.

The crown has been picked up by Huawei, who came to the top of OPPO. For this, however, one must also mention that IDC here also counted the fee smartphones. Especially the great sales of the Honor 8 in China has ensured that Huawei secured the smartphone throne for this first quarter. In addition to the Honor 8 were the OPPO R9s and the Vivo X9 the most fashionable smartphones according to the sales figures.

16 percent market share Huawei had exactly one year ago in China – now it could be increased to 20 percent with 20.8 million units sold and thus increase by more than a quarter compared to the previous year. For OPPO, it was “just” to almost 19 million units and a market share of 18.2 percent, which is also significantly more than the 15.3 percent in the same quarter of the previous year.

In places 3-5, Vivo followed with 14.1 percent and then significantly cut off Apple (9.2 percent) and Xiaomi (9.0 percent). For Apple, the market share fell by 12.7 percent – no one in the top places lost as much as the company from Cupertino. Especially for Apple, which gladly underline, which high importance this market has, this should be annoying.

On the other hand, I believe here that the world looks a little different when the Californians conjure up the iPhone 8 out of the hat in a few months besides the regular new iPhones. Companies such as Samsung, HTC or LG are looking again vainly among the top providers – so Apple is at least the only non-Chinese company that can penetrate this phalanx.

In its analysis, the IDC assumes that in the near future, no major changes are to be expected, as far as these top five are concerned. They are likely to expand their dominance even further. The IDC also sees far and wide no company that could significantly change the Chinese market in the foreseeable future.

An exciting trend is also noticed by the analysts: the manufacturers are attracted to the cities, where they also want to show offline presence through a variety of shops. Huawei and OPPO want to be present with more stores in more important cities, Xiaomi even speaks of more than 1,000 Mi home stores, which one wants to open within the next three years.




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