OnePlus 5: co-founder teasert the dual cam

After we have already seen many new smartphones in the premium class of 2017, the Hype-Train is slowly gaining momentum at OnePlus. Although the Chinese are not quite settled in this very first league, they have always used the latest smartphones to combine premium features with a mid-class price.

This is what we hope for again this year when the OnePlus 5 sees the light of the world. Compared to The Verge, the company has already confirmed the release in the summer and now company co-founder Carl Pei goes even a step further and showed via Instagram in a story a smartphone, which should be the non-final OnePlus 5.

It is only a short while in a reflection to see and the screenshots are accordingly spongy, besides, Pei deleted the story also later. If you ask me, these are exactly the ingredients that you need to heat the gossiping kitchen a bit, doing the same as if it were just a mistake.

But no matter: More exciting than the question of whether it was now negligently or deliberately released is, of course, the handset itself. We see the back, which makes a still very bizarre impression and certainly does not reveal the final design. For a long time is speculated over a dual cam and in fact we also see two different camera sensors, which in this case, however, are arranged side by side. Previous rumors talked about an arrangement in which the cams sit one on top of the other.


You can see that the camera stands out clearly, but again: Final is not – with the finished OnePlus 5 it looks quite different. In addition, we can recognize another recess in the middle, with which we currently have no glimmer, which is behind it. Theoretically, a fingerprint sensor would be conceivable at the position, but the new model of the Chinese should also find its place on the front underneath the display.

It is probably more likely that OnePlus in the middle more camera technology as the sensors for the autofocus and the LED flash. Be it drum: At Instagram, the story has disappeared and we can talk about the heads hot, which is in the matter of Dual-Cam in the Oneplus 5 is now actually phase. So now it should be fixed that the cameras are arranged horizontally and not on top of each other. Anything else can be found and I am good things that we will soon see more pictures and information to this smartphone.




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