Nokia 3310: From 26 May also in Germany to buy

Companies are really thinking about how they can roll up the smartphone market, how to make a buzz and attention at such an immensely important event as the Mobile World Congress, and how to defend against the market giants Apple and Samsung in general – and then a company like HMD Global, which produces Nokia mobile phones, is rummaging out a mobile phone classic called the Nokia 3310 and steered with it really all the show.

This was indeed my highlight story of the Mobile World Congress this year in Barcelona and shows that sometimes it is not as predictable as it is because of leaks, rumors and conjectures. The fact is, that Nokia / HMD Global have re-launched the Nokia 3310 and slightly changed and / or improved and now also announce to bring this “Dumm-Phone” to Germany:

The Nokia 3310 is from 26.05. At selected dealers at the price of 59.90 EUR (RRP) in Germany. In four distinctive colors – Warm Red and Yellow, both with a glossy finish, as well as Dark Blue and Gray, each with a matt finish – is available as of now.

Almost 50 euros had it in February still meant as rough guideline for the publication. So now HMD Global has packed a ten, which should be on this scale but for most fans of this feature phones to be.

For 59.90 euro you get now therefore a mobile phone, which is not only beautifully colorful and very sturdy, but also offers you a really amazing recharge time, which would allow you to talk about 22 hours at a time. Last but not least, the iconic “Snake” is again on board, also in a revised form.

Logo – who is fondling with a premium smartphone will not be able to win this colorful block with notorious poverty. But if you are looking for a second mobile phone (as a replacement, as a festival phone or whatever), maybe you would like to provide your old grandmother or her new generation with a simple mobile phone without much frills or simply stand on this nostalgia factor access:

From May 26th the Nokia 3310 will be available in its new edition, just under 60 euros will be due and as this is, you have the choice between four bright colors. From today can already be pre-ordered – so: Accesses, if you have a purpose for this reissued classic.




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