Microsoft teams and Office become more powerful

As a classic software-as-a-service, Microsoft Office is one of the most important business areas of the Redmonder. Word, Excel & Co. are still the world-wide quasi-standard when it comes to office applications. On today’s keynote for the Build 2017 Developer Conference, Microsoft has introduced a number of developments and application areas that affect Office more or less directly, including the Collaboration solution “Teams”.

As is the case for a classic developer conference, the innovations for the same are in the foreground. Microsoft announced today that developers can now offer apps and extensions to “Teams” through the Redmonder’s Office Store. In the medium to long term, this should lead to the platform being extended by meaningful features that make working together in the office even more effective.

Right at the forefront are former competitors and today’s partners from Microsoft. For example, Adobe will provide an extension for teams that will allow users to access their data stored in the Creative Cloud so that they can be further processed within teams or shared with colleagues. Partnerships that would have been unthinkable just a few years ago and show that the companies have also understood the needs of users.

The Microsoft Graph provides developers with a much greater insight into the data that Office 365 can capture and process in the future. Through these new insights, future apps and extensions will be able to recognize the possible connections between people, their appointments, already-maintained conversations, or their joint projects.

In the run-up to Build 2017, Microsoft emphasized that the Office suite with all its applications is now one of the most used interfaces for artificial intelligence. With the underlying cloud, different algorithms support the user time and again with case-related help, which the program finds useful in the respective situation.



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