Microsoft Livestream: The Cloudbook, a new Windows 10 – and more

At 3:30 pm, a live broadcast from Microsoft will take place, where the Redmonder will focus on education. In addition to the already leaked Surface-Cloudbook, Microsoft will probably be presenting a series of novelties, which are mainly about the further development of Windows 10 and Office, as far as school or college is concerned.

The new Microsoft Surface Cloudbook is more or less obviously a competitor for various Chromebooks, which are particularly successful in the USA and are now part of the everyday life of many students. Google and the participating partners have succeeded over the past years, the previously omnipräsente Apple iPad from the classrooms and lecture halls to supplant, here would like Microsoft now obviously play a role.


The variant of the operating system previously referred to as “Windows 10 Cloud” is now apparently referred to as Windows 10 “S”. It is said to be a particularly resource-friendly variant of the operating system, which also has some security features for network-based use. A limitation comes from the fact that only apps from the Microsoft App Store under Windows 10 S can be used. This might be sufficient for the intended application area, which may also make the one or the other software programmer more involved. If you want more, Windows 10 “S” can obviously upgrade, more details follow.

Along with the new operating system, many observers expect Microsoft to greatly expand the functionality of the Office Apps from the Windows Store, which will be similar to the Win32 application. In this way, the classic mobile area is closer to the typical desktop application, which also corresponds to the basic idea of ​​software as a service (SaaS).



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